Fighting vehicle


The BMP-3F fighting vehicle is a marine version of the BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicle that has retained all of its unique properties – it can be used as an infantry fighting vehicle, a tank destroyer, an amphibious APC and a fire support vehicle. The BMP-3F is intended to equip marine units operating on the sea coast and in conditions when the vehicle is used in the water for a prolonged period of time.

The vehicle’s armament suite has remained unchanged: a 100mm gun/launcher, 30mm automatic cannon and a 7.62mm machine gun installed on a common mount, as well as two bow machine guns in the hull front section. The fire control system, too, has not undergone changes: the SOZH-M sighting system with a built-in rangefinder and an integrated missile guidance system, the Vesna-K night sighting system with a thermal imaging camera.

To increase floatability and ensure the capability to conduct effective fire while afloat, the marines fighting vehicle features a number of improvements. The turret is fitted with additional anti-surge vanes to protect the vision block against spindrift. The BMP-3F carries an improved and lightweight anti-surge vane whose design prevents the driver’s visor from flooding. The vehicle is equipped with an elongated telescopic air intake snorkel. Self-entrenching equipment has been removed.

The BMP-3F is capable of performing fire and transportation missions on both land and water. The vehicle can leave a landing ship and return to it directly at sea without approach to the shore. The BMP-3F is able to move afloat in sea point 3 and fire against ground and surface targets in sea point 2.