Tank support combat vehicle


To provide fire support to tank and infantry units, the tank support combat vehicle BMPT-72, a version of the BMPT tank support combat vehicle derived from the T-72 tank, has been developed. This vehicle offers protection similar to that of a tank and an armament suite capable of effectively detecting and destroying pinpoint concealed targets. With its advanced target search and acquisition aids, an automated fire control system, a lethal multi-channel automatic armament suite and all-round crew protection, the BMPT-72 can effectively provide fire support to units in all types of combat in difficult geographical areas, against any enemy, day and night.

The BMPT-72 is made by converting decommissioned T-72 tanks. Those outdated T-72 tanks can be converted into BMPT-72, in which armament repair and modernization are impractical due to obsolescence and unserviceable condition. Revamping the T-72 into the BMPT-72 includes the removal of the turret and its replacement with a BMPT’s overhead weapon station with remote-controlled weapons (automatic guns, machine gun and missiles). The weapon station is placed in a superstructure located outside the crew compartment. In addition, repair and optional modernization of the chassis are carried out. Revamping the T-72 tanks into the BMPT-72 can be done at customer production facilities.

The BMPT-72’s fire control system with gunner and commander multi-channel sights makes it possible to detect and engage targets with two 30mm 2A42 automatic cannons using high-explosive and armor-piercing shells in bad weather, day and night. The ammunition load is 850 rounds in two belts.

A guided missile system includes two launchers with four supersonic guided missiles carrying HEAT and thermobaric warheads which can be fired at the halt and on the move, day and night. A coaxial 7.62mm machine gun is used as secondary armament.

The gunner’s station is equipped with a multichannel sight with optical and thermal imaging channels, a laser rangefinder, a built-in laser missile guidance channel and independent two-plane FOV stabilization. The commander’s sight is panoramic, combined with TV and thermal channels, a laser rangefinder and independent two-plane FOV stabilization.

As a tank derivative, the BMPT-72 features a high level of protection and can operate in the same battle formations with tanks under enemy fire.

Multilevel protection of the BMPT-72 is provided by: low observability due to small dimensions and disrupting painting; armor protection; integral ERA; automated smoke-screen laying system; additional bar armor.

Small dimensions and disrupting painting make the BMPT-72 low observable on the battlefield in any terrain. Its automated smoke-screen laying system provides protection against semi-active, laser-guided ATGMs and artillery projectiles as well as countermeasures against laser rangefinders used in artillery systems.

Armor protection of the BMPT-72 is shell-proof, multi-layered and comparable to that of an MBT, but, unlike the latter, it has no weakness zone in the frontal plate due to the lack of a gun port.

Equipping assault units with a set of well-protected vehicles (tanks and BMPT-72s) makes it possible to build a military formation balanced in terms of missions and materiel.