The T-90MS tank is designed to destroy tanks, self-propelled guns and other armored targets, as well as engage enemy manpower.

It is fitted with a new turret weapon station with an upgraded 125mm gun and an advanced highly automated digital fire control system (FCS). The new FCS provides the target detection, identification and destruction using the gunner and commander’s multispectral sights at the halt, on the move, day or night.

The T-90MS is equipped with a guided missile system designed to defeat armored targets, including those equipped with explosive reactive armor (ERA), at ranges up to 5 km.

The T-90MS has inherited the layered protection philosophy. It has retained a low silhouette and low optical and thermal signatures typical of Russian tanks and is fitted with an automated smoke screening system. It carries a new modular ERA system. A collective protection system ensures the efficient use of the tank in a NBC environment.

The tank features improved mobility and steerability achieved through the installation a higher-power engine, automatic gear shift control and wheel steering control.

While retaining a low silhouette, optimal weight, high mobility and capability to cross the most difficult obstacles at high speed in stride, which are traditional for Russian tanks, the T-90MS has acquired a contemporary level of protection and survivability.