7.62 mm Stechkin special revolver


The Stechkin OTs-38 special revolver is designed to destroy enemy personnel at ranges up to 50 m. It is chambered for the 7.62mm SP-4 cartridges. The revolver provides high covertness of special operations, due to complete absence of flame and noise at the instant of firing compared with a pistol with silencer. A hammer-type trigger mechanism provides for double-action and single-action fire. The manual safety catch blocks the hammer in the cocked position, which gives the opportunity to carry the revolver with the hammer cocked. The revolver barrel is placed below the cylinder axis which helps stabilize the position of the shooter’s hand at the instant of firing thus providing better accuracy of fire and deliverable rate of fire. The cylinder is loaded using a five-cartridge clip and spent cases are also retracted simultaneously in a clip, which makes loading faster and easier.

Upon customer request, the revolver may be fitted with an integrated laser designator (LD).