7.62 mm self-loading special pistol


The 7.62mm PSS self-loading special pistol is designed for silent and flameless short-range attacks and defence at ranges up to 50 m. It is in service with Special Forces units.

The pistol fires special 7.62mm SP-4 cartridges, with expansion gases cutoff in the cartridge. The pistol fires almost totally silent shots. The lack of a silencer makes the weapon very small-size, convenient for concealed carrying, and ever ready to be used. The foresight and the rear sight can be fitted with luminous mixture capsules for night sighting.

The pistol is recoil-operated. The double-action trigger assembly is that of the 9mm Makarov PM pistol. It enables the pistol to open fire rapidly. The safety catch makes weapon handling safe by locking the hammer, the bolt, and the trigger. The safety catch design provides for safe hammering.