9 mm self-loading pistol


The 9mm SR.1M self-loading pistol is currently one of the most powerful pistols in the world. It fires the 9x21mm SP-10 cartridge with armor-piercing bullet and the 9x21mm SP-11 cartridge with ordinary bullet. The SP-10 cartridge ensures reliable engagement of personnel with penetrating an armor vest or a steel helmet at ranges of up to 100 m.

The pistol is a short-recoil-operated weapon. The bore is locked by a rocking latch. The pistol is equipped with self-locking double-action safety catches.

Automatic safeties provide minimum readiness time to fire the weapon. One of them is located on the rear of the pistol grip and blocks the sear and the second – on the trigger – blocks the trigger. A pistol version with a magazine release button, which can be set on both sides, is available. All parts of the pistol are streamlined to eliminate the risk of the pistol catching outfit when being pulled out. The pistol frame is made of high-strength plastic, which significantly reduces the weight and manufacturing costs.