9 mm submachine gun AEK-919K


The light-weight and compact 9mm AEK-919K Kashtan submachine gun is designed for Special Forces units as a self-defence weapon.

The AEK-919K Kashtan submachine gun is recoil-operated. The trigger assembly enables the submachine gun to conduct single-shot and automatic fire. The safety catch/fire selector placed on the left side of the trigger housing changes fire modes and locks the gun. The bolt assembly is cocked by an independent breechblock lever that remains fixed when the gun is fired. The submachine gun fires with the help of the rear sear. The gun is fitted with a special safety locking device.

The gun is fitted with iron sights. The double-position adjustable rear sight can be adjusted for firing at a range of 50 and 100 m. The metal telescopic butt with a swiveling heel considerably increases stability of the weapon, rested against shoulder or forearm. The rounds are fed from a double-column box-type magazine with a capacity of 20 or 30 rounds. The AEK-919K Kashtan can be fitted with a silencer, a laser sight, or a collimator sight.