9 mm submachine gun

The 9mm PP-2000 submachine gun, with weight and dimensions comparable to those of modern combat pistols, provides effective fire at the distances of up to 200 m. The use of the 9x19mm 7N31 pistol cartridge with armor-piercing bullet makes it possible to penetrate body-armored enemy in vehicles and behind light fortifications. Submachine gun can fire 9x19mm Para.

An optimal rate of fire and ergonomics serve to controllability in full auto, good patterning and high accuracy.

Extra magazine or folding buttstock may be used as a shoulder-piece. The application of high-strength plastics allowed to reduce the weight and increase anti-corrosion resistance. The submachine gun has a rail for mounting various types of sights. The PP-2000 can be quiped with a silencer, tactical light, laser target pointer.