Established in 2017, Standfair Operations (SFO) specialises in providing high-end defence and security solutions. Recognised as a leading supplier to the Armed forceses, Ministry of Interiors, and other defence and security authorities, SFO provides unsurpassed levels of services to our growing customer base by employing highly dedicated and experienced personnel. At SFO, we ultimately aim to build alliances and partnerships in the defence field by entering into long-term partnerships with strategic business partners, both locally and internationally. Our dedication and focus are aimed towards moving into complex system integrations, assembly and manufacturing.


To develop and provide advanced military supplies through the evolution of technology innovation, system integration, and product development. We aim to solidify SFO’s position as the country’s leading defence supplier for military services and equipment.


We actively seek advanced technologies and processes from leading industries around the world, in order to support our customers with the best available technology to meet their demanding requirements.


Our commitment to our promises is highlighted by our pursuit of complete customer satisfaction, on- time performance and responsive support throughout all our products’ life cycles.


Our strengths are focused on forging reliable partnerships that further our capability to build advanced and robust defence security systems.